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Specialty Lab Testing

Enthuse Health offers comprehensive lab testing services tailored to the unique needs of government and safety-sensitive industries. Our advanced testing capabilities ensure your employees are fit for duty and free from substance abuse, fostering a safe and productive workplace.

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Occupational Health Exams

To promote workplace safety and employee health, Enthuse occupational health exams are designed to assess and monitor an individual’s potential risks and fitness level. These comprehensive evaluations play a crucial role in minimizing health-related absenteeism and on-the-job injuries.

Workplace Physicals

Physicals are often required for employees who operate commercial vehicles or perform labor-intensive jobs. Sometimes a physical is required for monetary incentives related to health insurance. Whatever the reason, schedule workplace physicals with Enthuse. Our exams typically include the following:

  • Cardiovascular assessment
  • Respiratory assessment
  • Musculoskeletal assessment
  • Vital signs
  • Vision acuity

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Screens

With Enthuse Health, you can ensure that safety-sensitive employees are performing their jobs without impacting their own health, or that of others. Routine alcohol and drug testing is crucial for employees in fields such as the Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Federal Railroad Administration, education, construction, and so much more.

We Provide Outstanding Healthcare Screening Services

Enthuse Health– your trusted partner in maintaining a safe and compliant workplace.

College Physicals

If you’re going to participate in collegiate sports, a physical is often required before you can commit. Enthuse Health offers college physicals so students are prepared to take the next step in their academic and athletic careers.

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Pre-Employment Physicals

Pre-employment physicals help employers evaluate for certain conditions that may put a worker at risk on the job. Enthuse Health provides these exams to provide employers and employees a baseline of health status.

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Respirator Use Medical Evaluation

Before using a respirator, a worker must be declared medically fit to wear one; medical evaluations from Ethuse Health can provide that information.

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DOT Physicals

Commercial drivers are required to have a physical to work for the Department of Transportation (DOT). Schedule yours today with Enthuse Health.

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DOT Urine Drug Testing

Through urine drug testing, Enthuse Health can identify the use of illicit or restricted drugs, prescription, and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. This testing can also indicate alcohol and tobacco use.

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Alcohol Breathalyzer Testing

Enthuse Health uses a breathalyzer to assess the presence of alcohol in the body to provide reliable results in seconds for employers. Testing can be performed after a driving-related accident, or at random intervals during a period of employment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should my staff bring with them to the testing center?

Your staff must bring a picture identification card to the collecting facility, such as a driver’s license.

Is it possible to add anything to a urine sample to mask drug usage and obtain a false-negative test result?

Many people assume that adulterating their urine sample will result in a negative test result. Attempts to manufacture a negative test result, on the other hand, are frequently detected in laboratory validity testing.

Is there a difference between the regulations for drug and alcohol testing for small businesses and those for companies with big fleets?

The drug testing requirements apply to all motor carriers, regardless of size, whether they have one driver or several.

What do I bring to best be prepared for my physical exam?

A list of all over the counter and prescribed medication to include dose and frequency (how often the medication is taken).
Bring a list of all providers you regularly see including phone numbers and addresses.
Your glasses, contacts or hearing aids
A record of your blood sugar log, most recent labs, hearts tests and neurological tests.
Record from your CPAP machine with 90 days history
If you have heart or neurological issues, you will need to bring a letter from your doctor stating clearance.
If you take blood thinners, controlled substance, or any work restrictions, you will need a letter from your primary physician.

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