Many colleges require a physical exam prior to entrance to their university after high school. This health evaluation reviews basic health and wellness as well as whether there may be needed immunizations prior to college. Enthuse health specializes in physical exams that are needed for college. We provide thorough, accurate, and professional assessments.

Why Do Colleges Demand Physical Examinations?

The first reason for college physical therapy programs FL is to screen the pupil for any potential health issues. This is significant because it enables the school to provide the appropriate resources and accommodations for the student’s academic success.

The second reason is that many schools require pupils to provide documentation of a physical test before they may engage in sports or other extracurricular activities. This is because these activities can be physically demanding, and the school wants to ensure that the kid is physically prepared for the challenge.

What Happens During A Physical Exam For A Student?

For general or DOT physical exams near Sanford, FL, your medical practitioners will obtain a detailed health history and perform a physical examination during a student physical exam. If the school requires any immunizations, these can be given at this time. If any health issues are discovered during the checkup, a plan will be devised to address them.

What to Expect at a College Physical Exam

A college physical, in addition to ensuring that a student is up to date on their vaccinations, provides an opportunity to establish a baseline for a student’s adult health record. College physical therapy near me may comprise the following components:

Review of Health History: Individuals should inform their doctor about any previous health concerns or noteworthy health occurrences. This section of the exam also asks about lifestyle habits such as nutrition and exercise routines, as well as participation in drinking, smoking, and sex.

Vital Signs Examination: Enthuse Health’s college physical therapy programs physician will examine critical signs such as temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration rate. Each of these can contribute to a fuller picture of a patient’s current health status for a medical expert.

Heart and lung stethoscope exams: The physician will often use a stethoscope to listen to the heart and lungs for abnormalities such as a heart murmur, abnormal heartbeat, or wheezing—any of which could indicate a condition that needs to be diagnosed.

A physician will examine a patient’s ears for wax and infections, as well as the nose and throat for inflammation, sinus difficulties, and overall dental Health.

Physical Exam: College physical therapy programs might include everything from a skin cancer check to an abdominal exam to various muscular strength and reflex tests.

Blood Work: It is not unusual for a nurse to order bloodwork to determine a patient’s red and white blood cell counts, cholesterol levels, and other factors.

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