We offer comprehensive drug and alcohol testing along with CDL and DOT evaluations.

Established in Nov 2021, Enthuse Health strives to offer a comprehensive spectrum of drug and alcohol testing services to our clients throughout Central Florida. With years of industry expertise as a certified MSN, APRN, NP-C Nurse Practitioner, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality testing services and unparalleled customer service, as well as incredibly rapid and accurate test results at market-competitive rates.

Superior service, efficiency, and professionalism have earned our reputation as one of the leading healthcare screening and testing companies. We help our clients stay compliant with Department of Transportation requirements, obtain court-admissible testing for legal action, or create and operate an ongoing random drug testing program for their workforce.

Our Mission

Exceptional customer service and quality are our top priorities. At every stage of the drug or alcohol testing procedure, we envision providing outstanding screening services.

  •  Ambitious
  • Goal-driven
  •  Efficient
  •  Accurate & Reliable Results
  •  Clean and Comfortable
  •  Instant Screening
  •  Customer-centric

Company Summary: Enthuse Health is an ambitious, goal-oriented company striving to meet the demands of the digital age by efficiently providing accurate health assessments and screenings.


Mission Statement: To provide services that are timely, hassle-free and efficient to meet the needs of the customer.


DOT Physical Section: DOT Physicals are required by the Federal motor Carrier Safety administration( FMCSA) for people who operate commercial vehicle.. It is of utmost importance that the operator be in good physical and mental health. Enthuse health provides DOT evaluations  and drug testing for eligible drivers.