An occupational health DOT physical is an important component of workplace safety. The goal of occupational health and safety services is to evaluate workers’ ability to safely perform their job functions and identify any potential health issues that could result in causing injury, illness, or disease.

Lab testing, hearing, vision, and cardiovascular status assessments, as well as significant employment history, can all be part of an occupational health DOT physical. These are often preventive actions intended to enhance overall worker safety by reviewing the employee’s general health status and assessing any underlying risk factors for work-related accidents or illnesses. Employers must ensure that all employees receive occupational health physicals in order to maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment.

Pre-Employment Physicals

Employers evaluate and employee’s health prior to employment to measure health and wellness. This evaluation is called a pre-employment physical, also known as a pre-placement test or human performance evaluation (HPE). Pre-employment physicals can help the employer evaluate for certain conditions that may put a worker at risk on the job. Enthuse health provides Pre-employment physicals that can provide you and your employee with a baseline determination of health status.

Occupational Health Advantages

Occupational injuries and diseases cost businesses over $60 billion each year. The expenses for different forms of injuries vary, but the annual direct cost to enterprises of overexertion is around $13.79 billion. Employees being struck by machinery costs firms approximately $4.43 billion, and falling on the same level costs companies almost $10 billion every year. One of the most significant advantages of adopting a strong occupational health service in Sanford, FL, or any state is that it can help reduce workplace injuries and risks. Additional advantages include the following.

Reduced Expenses. Occupational health services in Sanford, FL, or elsewhere specialize in recognizing the types of injuries that employees suffer and focusing on helping employees recover and return to work. This helps firms minimize overall costs while also assisting employees in receiving the precise care they require to treat the injury.

Compensation for workers. Occupational health DOT physical programs comprehend the worker’s compensation claims process and the significance of communicating openly with all parties engaged in the process.

Safety. This type of program can contribute to the development of preventative measures to make the workplace safer. Employers, for example, may mandate pre-employment drug testing to ensure that personnel using heavy equipment or driving automobiles do so safely. Physicals and other medical examinations may also be required by an employer.

Prevention. Prevention is one of the key goals of occupational medicine. Prevention programs are intended to reduce the likelihood of occupational health issues and keep employees from being ill or injured on the job. These may contain digital mental health resources, a health assessment, and other wellness programs to help employees in specific situations stay healthy.

Why Contact Occupational Health Clinic?

Occupational health physicals urge employees to be more health-conscious and to take proactive steps to improve their well-being.

At Enthuse Health, our qualified NP-C nurse practitioners do full physical examinations. We examine employees, offer medical recommendations, and provide the papers needed to begin or resume work.

Via our occupational health clinic in Longwood, FL, we help our clients stay in compliance with the necessary regulatory agencies. We promote a safer work environment, which contributes to employee well-being. Our programs are tailored to your individual needs, and we schedule inspections to minimize downtime. We understand your needs so that you can screen employees swiftly and keep annual compliance.


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